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Our Story

McMillan Fine Art Ltd is a friendly family business that has been operating out of their gallery in South Kensington for over 25 years. Their expertise lies in dealing primarily with 18th to 19th century English paintings, with a focus on landscapes, portraits, seascapes, and equestrian art.

In addition to offering a wide range of artwork, McMillan Fine Art Ltd also provides full restoration, cleaning, and framing services. They understand the value of preserving artwork for future generations to appreciate and take great care in ensuring that their restoration services are of the highest quality.

McMillan Fine Art Ltd also offers insurance valuations and probate services to ensure that clients' collections are accurately valued and can be properly passed down to future generations. Their knowledgeable staff is always available to provide advice on acquisitions and guide clients through the process of building a collection.

As a family business, McMillan Fine Art Ltd takes great pride in building relationships with their clients and ensuring that each transaction is conducted with the utmost integrity and professionalism. With their wealth of experience and expertise in the art world, they are a trusted source for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.


Terence Cuneo (British, 1907-1996)

Terence Cuneo Gulls
on Leisure Isle Knysna South Africa,
1972 oil on canvas,
signed and dated lower left Cuneo 51.3 x 76.2

Terence Cuneo (1907-1996) was a British painter who specialized in painting scenes of
industrial and military life. He was known for his ability to capture the power and
movement of steam locomotives, as well as the drama and action of military campaigns.
Cuneo was born in London and studied at the Chelsea School of Art and the Slade
School of Fine Art. He began his career as a commercial artist, working for companies
such as Shell Oil and the London Transport Executive. In the 1940s, he began to focus
on painting scenes of military and industrial life, often working on commission for
government agencies and corporations. Cuneo's paintings are characterized by their
attention to detail and realism. He often used bold colors and dramatic compositions to
convey a sense of power and movement. Some of his most famous works include "The
Battle of Waterloo," "The Battle of Britain," and "The Last Train to Weymouth." In
addition to his painting career, Cuneo was also a member of the Royal Society of British
Artists and was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1996 for
his services to the arts. Today, his paintings are held in the collections of major
museums and galleries around the world, including the National Railway Museum in
York, England, and the Imperial War Museum in London


Artist Name :Sadie Lee

The Vapours 

Oil On Canvas

Size : 47” X 36” Inc


Artist Name :Fabio Giampietro


Oil On Canvas

Size : 47” X 67” Inc  


Artist: Eugene Von Blaas

Subject: portrait of Girl

Size: 13” X 16”

Oil On Canvas   

Meet the Team


At McMillan Fine Art, we offer a range of services to help our clients acquire, preserve, and value their artwork. Our restoration services can repair and preserve damaged or deteriorated artworks, while our art consultation services can provide expert guidance on art acquisition, display, and other aspects of the art market. We also offer art valuation services, which can provide clients with an objective and accurate estimate of an artwork's financial worth. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a first-time art buyer, our services can help you make informed decisions and enhance your appreciation of art.

Art Consultation

Art Consultation

"Get expert guidance on selecting, acquiring, and displaying contemporary art at McMillan Fine Art. Our experienced consultants work closely with you to understand your preferences, budget, and space requirements, and provide personalized recommendations. We offer a wide range of contemporary art pieces, including paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works, and can assist with framing, installation, and other aspects of the art acquisition process. Contact us today to learn more."

Art Valuation

Art Valuation

McMillan Fine Art provides professional art valuation services to give accurate and objective estimates of the financial value of your artworks. Our experienced team of art experts evaluates each artwork, taking into account artist reputation, condition, provenance, and current market trends. Our valuation services can help you make informed decisions about buying, selling, insuring, or donating artworks. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Art Restoration

Art Restoration

"McMillan Fine Art offers professional art restoration services to restore and preserve artworks to their original condition. Our experienced restoration team uses the latest techniques and materials to repair and conserve a wide range of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and works on paper. We also provide comprehensive condition assessments and conservation recommendations to ensure the long-term preservation of your artwork. Whether your artwork has suffered damage or simply needs cleaning and maintenance, our art restoration services can help. Contact us today to learn more."

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