Cameron McMillan – CEO

  • With over 40 years’ experience in art dealing, Cameron McMillan has gained an enormous knowledge of paintings spanning from old masters to the present day.

  • He initially learned the business from his father, Matthew McMillan, who was recognised as one of the shrewdest dealers of his time.

  • He established his gallery in 1996 from which he has established himself as a prominent figure in the London Fine Art market.

  • He brokers a number of high profile Paintings on behalf of his clients both from a selling and purchasing perspective. 

Drew McMillan –

Managing Director


  • Drew McMillan has worked alongside his brother Cameron for many years in selling fine art to the retail sector from their gallery based in South Kensington.

  • Drew’s main interest was initially 19th/20th Century sporting and equestrian art, born out of his love for horses. In addition, Drew has continued to acquire extensive links with both the acquisition and disposal side of the business, and is a well-respected authority in the field. 

  • Drew McMillan is in charge of researching and sourcing suitable high quality paintings to purchase nationally and globally.  He is proud to say that any paintings or artworks sold from our gallery are presented in excellent condition and ready to hang.

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Carlos Salvador Mira –

In house Fine Art Restorer


  • Originally having studied fine art restoration at the Valencia Polytechnique.

  • Carlos is an excellent and very competent conservator, and is very happy to discuss any cleaning or restoration of your fine art.

  • Additionally, Carlos is a classically trained contemporary Spanish artist specialising in portrait painting.  He has gained huge experience painting high profile Spanish personalities as well as family and friends.  His technique orientates towards capturing a perfect image while reflecting the character of the sitter.