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McMillan Fine Art encourages collectors to explore our options for fine art financing and leasing. These services eliminate the need to sell art in order to gain capital, allowing for flexibility and currency among collections. Through our services, we hope to promote the fluid acquisition of inspiring artwork for our clients.

What makes Fine Art an asset?

  • Art serves as a store of value for its aesthetic uniqueness and durability.

  • Desirable artwork carries international marketability.

  • Art provides a favourable risk/return with low correlation with traditional assets, thereby hedging against inflation.

  • Valuable pieces can be offered as security for a loan.

  • Art can be insured at full value for all risks of damage or loss to property.


Why should Fine Art be leased?

  • Private collectors or companies can lease artwork they might be interested in buying later down the line. Most art is leased for 6 to 36 months with the option to purchase at the end. 

  • Leasing artwork is 100% tax deductible for businesses. This is a huge incentive on top of keeping a collection fresh and new.

  • The display of fine art can further enhance the prestige and corporate image of a company

  • Leasing allows otherwise expensive art to be showcased in a cost-effective manner with price and duration flexibility.

  • Studies suggest that the display of art in the workplace increases employee efficiency, productivity, and creativity.

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