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The image shows a portrait titled "Portrait of Girl" by Eugene von Blaas (1843-1932). The artwork is an oil on canvas piece measuring 13" x 16".

Title: "Portrait of Girl"

Artist: Eugene von Blaas (1843-1932) Size: 13" x 16"

Medium: Oil on Canvas

 The image depicts "General Chasse: Foaled 1831" by John Frederick Herring Jr. The painting showcases a subject named General Chasse, a horse foaled in 1831. The artwork is an oil on canvas piece measuring 12" x 10".

Title: "General Chasse: Foaled 1831"

Artist: John Frederick Herring Jr. (1815-1907)
Size: 12" x 10"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Signature: The painting is signed by the artist.

19th Century English school portrait of young Gentleman

Title: "Portrait of Young Gentleman"


Young Gentleman Size: 20" x 26"

Medium: Oil on Canvas

 The painting is signed and dated 1902.

Discover a captivating "Country Scene with Horses" painted by acclaimed artists Henry Shayer (1825-1894) and Charles Shayer (1826-1914). This exquisite oil on canvas artwork measures 12" x 18" and features a picturesque countryside setting with majestic horses. The painting is signed, adding a touch of authenticity to this remarkable piece. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this timeless creation by the talented Shayer brothers.

Title: "Country Scene with Horses"

Artists: Henry  Charles Shayer (1826-1914) Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 12" x 18" Signed: Yes

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