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Artist: Lorenzo De Caro (1719 – 1777)

Artist: Lorenzo De Caro (1719 – 1777)

Subject: God the Father

Size: 24” X 20”

Oil On Canvas




18th Century French 

Elegant figures with fruit bowl

Size : 36"  X 46" Inches

Oil On Canvas

Noah by Castiglione_LQ_13.jpg

Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (1609-1664 )

The Castiglione is a fabulous painting full of quality and a truly beautiful subject . It has been in a Sotheby’s sale estimated at £60 to 80 thousand pounds . We then spent over five thousand pounds on it getting all the old restoration off . Condition is very good and the painting is ready to hang on your clients wall.


Please see images of the Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (1609-1664). This is a wonderful Painting and a very important Old Master. The title of our Painting is “Noah’s Arc”,  it is wonderful quality.  A large oil on canvas  75 X 55 Inches.

Please see all relevant links and information below. Would have a suitable old master auction for this painting if so how much would you estimate the value. Please let me know.


Much of Castiglione's œuvre depicts scenes of the journeys of the patriarchs (e.g. Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob), but the entry of the animals into Noah's ark was his favourite theme; Castiglione's treatments of this pastoral journey, always filled with animals and still life details, span his entire lifetime.


Portrait of Francis Walsingham

Size : 10" X 16"

Oil On Panel


Sir Francis Walsingham was principal secretary to Queen Elizabeth I of England from 20 December 1573 until his death and is popularly remembered as her "spymaster"

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